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8 Common Types Of Mahjong Players

In my years of experience with the game , I will say that I have met my fair bit of players from all walks of life. Interestingly, it is easy to tell one's personality through the game just by observing how he/she acts. Whilst I play the game for entertainment purposes, I still aim to win as it is a representation of my skills. However, for some, they may be too focused on the money at stake which spoils the fun for everyone. Coincidentally, these are also the people who react poorly after they lose a lot of money. A piece of Mahjong advice : AVOID THEM OR ELSE ...

Anyways, here are the different types of players I've met :

1. God of Gambler (赌圣)

First up, we have the best player of the table with the most experience amongst other players. He is reputable for emptying your wallet and he can also feel tiles without looking. Undoubtedly, he is the most skilled individual and can easily read your hand. Occasionally, these players will give chance to new players and are fun to play with. But, if they start to get serious , do watch out.

2. The Pantang One (Superstitious)

Next up, we have the Pantang (direct translate from Malay) one who believes strongly in luck. He will most likely bring all his gambling amulets and do a ritual before the game starts. Furthermore, I give it a 88% chance he is wearing his favorite red undergarments. These individuals never fail to entertain as you can always tease them when they are "unlucky". However, if you will like to learn a thing or two, remember to also check out our post to become luckier.

3. Slowpoke

Credits: Zootopia

No offense to these people but they are quite tiring to play with. Although most of them are likely new to the game, there is still a minority who have played the game for a long time and are still very, very slow. Frankly speaking, I am quite curious with what they are thinking as some decisions are a no-brainer like throwing a honor tile when playing for ping hu. Nevertheless, they are kind-hearted in nature and fun to play with. The only exception is that they can drag the game for long hours and it feels "damn sian" (exhausting).

4. Overly Talkative

To be fair, these players are generally skilled and fun to play with albeit they have this annoying quirk of exposing what others are playing. Hear me out,

for instance I am building a monster hand quietly and do not want others to know what I am playing. Then, this particular guy catches on and proceeds to announce my hand to the whole world. Honestly, it can be quite annoying at times but I guess I will also do the same to help new players. It may be hypocritic of myself to judge them but I guess such individuals are debatable.

5. No Fear Shakespeare

In my personal opinion, these people are a double-edged sword and I do admire their bravery. Under certain occasions, they can either be a white knight in shiny armor or a devil feeding another player who is going to game 满台 (maximum points). His main motive is to game even if he is up against a 满台 player. Nevertheless, mad respects to these players as they help me to throw safe cards, hehe.

6. 13 Wonders

Based on statistics, the probability to game with 13 wonders is 1 in 2464. Yet, despite its low odds, we still have friends who are determined to build it all the time. It does not matter even if they start off with only a few of the 13 wonders tiles, what really matters is their grit and the potential to win big. But fret not, consider yourself lucky if you sit after this particular player as he will feed you all the tiles you need.

7. Sore Loser

Speaking about sore losers, they are one of the worst people to play with because they tend to make the whole setting feel uneasy. After a loss , they like to kick up a fuss about how "unlucky" they are with their draws and try to attract sympathy from others. In my stand, I will definitely not tolerate such immature behavior as it reflects badly on your character in general.

8. No Paynow but Paylater

People who cannot pay up immediately are the absolute worst If you ever encounter such people, you will have a hard time chasing them for your money as they can come up with a 1000 reasons on why they cannot pay up now. To not have a headache, just assume your winnings are never coming back .


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Leong Shi kai
Leong Shi kai
Aug 29, 2022

a very interesting and informative read, definitely helpful if you are trying to pick up mahjong !!


didnt do majong but this really is interesting and is definitely applicable in the current society. Keep it up mods!


Aug 29, 2022

Very relatable article, hits close to home


Interesting post and very relatable . Keep up the good Work

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