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Updated: Apr 7

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Tip 1 : Do not sit with your back facing against the window.

Based on Feng Shui practitioners . it is known that energy will flow from the outside to the inside of the house via the window, Although there are both positive & negative energy flowing . the energy from the outside is most likely bad due to pollution etc, Hence. the person whose back is facing the window will be hit first by the bad energy, ergo having bad luck.

Tip 2 : Ensure that no sharp objects🔪 are behind you

With the presence of sharp objects such as scissors or a cactus plant 🌵 , these sharp items can easily pierce through your aura and let your accumulated luck throughout the game flow out of your body.

Tip 3 : Sit on a stable chair 🪑

Source: Kungfu Mahjong

A stable chair will act as a solid foundation to build your luck throughout the game. In the case whereby your chair is shaky, this can easily shake off good luck from your body and cause you to lose more.

Tip 4 : Bring your lucky charms & amulets

As ridiculous as it sounds , Yes , Lucky charms do exist. Just like how Amulets can protect you from bad spirits , they can also protect you from Bad luck . It may sound very superficial but it does help to a certain extent.

Tip 5 : Do not let anyone tap your shoulders

This is one of the big No-No when it comes to all sorts of gambling as everyone believes that tapping their shoulders can also cause their luck to be tapped away.

Tip 6 : Wear RED undergarment

Source: Fat Choi Spirit

The color Red is significant because it resembles the Fire Element 🔥 .

Based on Feng Shui knowledge , the FIRE element 🔥 is known to be the strongest. FIRE illustrates passion and assertion. Thus, the red undergarment can help to attract luck easily from the surroundings and give you an edge over your opponents.

Tip 7 : Adjust your body position

When the tiles start to become stagnant , it is time to readjust your bad energy, You can do so by standing up for a few seconds before sitting back down. This can help break off the stagnant energy and form new good energy to boost your luck.

Tip 8 : Do not get agitated 🤬 & Stay Calm 😊

If you are having a bad Mahjong Day, do not get agitated too easily as it can further worsen your luck during the game due to accumulation of bad energy. After all , not everybody is lucky all the time , what differentiates good & bad players in the long run are skills and the abilities to suppress their anger. As long as you keep a cool mind during the game , your luck will naturally improve and you will start to win more often.


As what Thomas Jefferson said : " I get luckier when I work harder " . Mahjong is a game that requires a consistent read on your opponents whereby one has to change one's hand to best fit the situation. As every scenario is unique, one has to attack and defend appropriately and this skills comes with practice over a period of time.

On your own, you can also read up on Mahjong Books or our blogs to help improve yourself to become more skillful and hence win more games.

With that All the best for your upcoming sessions !

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