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8 Lucky Charms to get for Wealth, Health & Mahjong

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

In the 1600s, John Melton mentioned that " If a man walking in the fields finds any four-leaved grass, he shall in a small while after finding some good thing. " For westerners, the Four-leaf clover is considered to be a lucky charm due to its rarity. This is because, in the Middle ages, some Celtic groups believed that the Four-leaf clover can help you see deities and ward off evil spirits. Hence, whoever holds the Four-leaf clover will be granted good luck.

On the other side of the world, there are also other lucky charms that easterners use. Similar to the Four-leaf clovers, these charms are also believed to behold supernatural powers in a good way. In terms of health, wealth, or relationships, these charms all help in one way or another. Note that we are not Feng Shui practitioners. If you are curious about what charms to get for personal use, do check out our recommendations below.

1) Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is known to be a symbol of happiness, whereby it eliminates any problems in your way. It can also advance your career and help you achieve life fulfillment. The Laughing Buddha is best placed in offices, homes, and restaurants. Never place it directly on the floor as it is a form of disrespect for the deity.

2) God of Fortune

The God of Fortune is one of the most renowned deities on earth. Known by many Taoist followers, the God of Fortune is prayed to by many for wealth purposes. But, do you know that there is more than one God of Fortune? People of different age groups are supposed to pray to different Gods of Fortune such as Bai Gui, Guan Zhong, and Bi Gan. If you want to invite the God of Fortune to your house to attain more wealth, remember to consult professionals from the temple for more details.

3) Chinese Dragon

During China's imperial dynasties, emperors use the dragon as a symbol of their imperial authority and power. Furthermore, Chinese dragons represent luck and nobility. That explains why the emperors' ropes or chairs have dragons on them. Although they do not exist factually, the Chinese dragons are still bestowed by many today. In Chinese legend, the dragon kings were believed to be rulers of weather and water. The Four dragon kings were all part of controlling China's sea. Hence, they were worshipped by many who seek for good harvests all year round. In this day and age, they can still be worshipped for wealth and safety.

4) Chinese Coins

In antiquity times, these Chinese coins were initially the currency of old China. They were made from mixtures of copper, tin, and lead. Based on Feng Shui beliefs, these Chinese coins represent wealth and abundance. Therefore, these are mainly placed at your front door to attract wealth into your home. We will keep one or two of these coins in our wallets to expand the flow of wealth into our pockets.

5) Ba Gua

The Ba Gua as seen above consists of eight sets of three lines, broken and unbroken in different combinations, representing natural forces. It is often used in Taoist cosmology to determine ideal positions for different items based on Feng Shui practices. According to Feng Shui masters, the Ba Gua mirror must be placed outside your house to ward off bad energy while promoting good fortune. Never place the Ba Gua mirror inside as it will retain the negative energy in your house.

6) Money Tree

The Money tree also known as pachira Aquatica is often used in Feng Shui practices to bring prosperity and good fortune. These plants should be placed indoors, facing the South-Eastern direction. The good thing about the Money Tree is that it requires low maintenance and it can tolerate low-lighting environments. Not to mention, if you want a money tree that generates more prosperity, it will also be wiser to find one with 7 leaves due to its rarity.

7) Lucky Cat

Commonly referred to as Maneki-Neko in Japan, the Lucky Cat is known to boost your luck. To many people's disbelief, the bestowing cat's origin is actually from Japan and not China. And as seen from the picture, the Lucky Cat raises one of its paws to draw positive energy into its space. In most practices, it will then be placed at the wealth corner to enhance the owner's luck in that radius.

8) Money Frog

The Money Frog, known as the three-legged frog, is a popular Chinese symbol for wealth and prosperity too. Furthermore, it can also help with longevity. On many pieces of advice, the Money Frog is better placed on a lower elevated level. Also, be reminded that it should never directly touch the floor. Instead, place the Money Frog on a small pedestal or table to generate more positive energy.


After reading the whole post, we believed you may have found a charm that caught your eye. If you did, this means that you are fated to acquire it, for it will help improve your current situation. If not, there are also other amulets or talismans out there which may be more befitting of your needs. In any case, we are not real professionals. If you want to own one of these mentioned above, do consult a Feng Shui Master for advice.

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