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Given a great surge in demand for our other post on how to get lucky in Mahjong, our publishers decide to release another version of it. As there are many versions of Feng Shui tips online, we aim to only bring the truth to our readers. To substantiate our claims, we closely referred to the book Modern Feng Shui, written by renowned Feng Shui master Cliff Tan. Feng Shui is mainly described as a form of energy in his book. Similarly, luck is also a form of energy. To maximize luck, its energy has to be balanced just like Yin & Yang. Based on Feng Shui, there are also 5 elements, consisting of Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth. These elements will then have to complement each other to achieve stable energy, hence boosting your luck. More will be explained below as we guide you on how to be luckier in Mahjong through our 8 different tips.

Tip 1: Do more good in real life

You know the Chinese idiom: "好人有好报". It meant that people who do good will have good luck in return. If you treat others well, the tiles will also treat you well in return. This is because you accumulate good karma when you help others in real life. Positive energy will then attract good energy and in turn help boost your Mahjong luck.

Tip 2: Bathe before playing

You do not want to step out of your house without taking a shower. Imagine going to play Mahjong in someone's house stinking. Your body smells. Naturally, the energy around you is foul. So, bathe in advance to wash off the dirty energy in your body.

Tip 3: Never play when you are sick

We have seen many who made this mistake numerous times. When you are under the weather, your body needs rest. If you still decide to play Mahjong, you are doing more harm than good. You cannot play to your best without a clear mind due to your medication. Hence, you do not possess the positive aura and will eventually be unlucky.

Tip 4: Avoid sitting under strong light beams

As mentioned in our opening, energy has to be balanced to produce a greater impact. In this case, too much light will cause instability in your luck due to excess Yang energy. Just like how a fire can be a good servant but a bad master, it is never too beneficial to have too much of one energy. Likewise, the logic is applicable in our next tip.

Tip 5: Avoid sitting near dark places

When you sit near the toilet or in a corner, you are accumulating too much Yin energy. Therefore, the imbalance in your energy will cause your luck to be bad. But, if you have no choice, then look for Yang elements to counterfeit the excess Yin energy and achieve a balance.

Tip 6: Sit at the command position of the room

Picture yourself sitting in a very comfortable armchair, your body leaning against a soft backrest, the arms of your chair enveloping you, and a very open view over a large landscape. You feel good because your senses are satisfied. You are in the command position because you feel secure. You are in command of your space. When you feel confident, you will play better and your luck will naturally be good. Note that the command position is dependent on your sixth sense. Thus, if you are comfortable with your position, your luck will innately be good as well.

Tip 7: Do not let annoying spectators stand beside you when you play

In Feng Shui, animal symbols are used to represent how we should organize the space in all directions. For our left and right, the dragon and the tiger represent our sides. Both have strong inner energy - the tiger for defense and protection, and the dragon for positive growth. When someone stands beside you, you may feel uncomfortable being watched. Furthermore, if the person comments on your bad play, it will further affect your gameplay. Hence, if the spectator on your direct left or right is an annoyance, the tiger or dragon element helping you will be affected. In turn, your luck will then be affected negatively.

Tip 8: Gamble less often

Luck in general is comparable to the energy in our body. Just like how when we are tired, we need to sleep so that we will have energy the next day. This applies to luck as well. If we keep using our luck, it will run out soon enough. To be lucky all the time, we will need to occasionally take a break from gambling to restore our luck. As superficial as it sounds, many Feng Shui practitioners do strongly believe in this ideology. Therefore, if you want to boost your luck, we suggest you follow suit as well.


Hope you will find our second version of the How to be lucky In Mahjong series helpful.

But, Mahjong is not all about luck. Individual skills matter more than pure luck. If you are interested, do also check out other posts on How to get better at Mahjong and Basic Mahjong etiquette.

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