How To Play Mahjong (SG Version)

Updated: Oct 3

The Complete Guide to learning Mahjong in less than 5 minutes

Before we begin, I would like to know

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Are you that friend who is still Single?

Are you the Hall friend who is always missing out on late night social gatherings ?

Fear N0t, we are here to HELP you learn some social-making skills through MAHJONG

Introduction to Mahjong

A typical Mahjong set consists of 148 tiles with different families - Circles , Characters , Bamboos & Winds - including various animals like the Cat , Mouse , Chicken & Centipede. Out of these 148 tiles , each individual has to form the best combination of tiles using only 14 of them. On a basic level , these 14 tiles should contain 4 sets and a pair of "eyes". A Set can be in the form of a straight like "5 6 7 " or a triplet.

Different Families in Mahjong

Animals in Mahjong


Heading #1: How to start in Mahjong?

Heading #2: How to win in Mahjong?

Heading #3: How are points calculated in Mahjong ?


Heading #1: How to start in Mahjong ?

To begin , each player will roll 3 dices to see who has the highest number. The person with the highest number will be East and he gets to choose which side to seat. The person with the 2nd highest number will be South , followed by West and North. The 1st player and the player opposite him will have 19 rows of tiles while the other two will only have 18 rows of tiles as seen below.

The 1st player will roll the dice and start to take the tiles from one of the sides depending on the number. In this case, Player A will starting counting from himself and count in an anti-clockwise direction. For e.g. if the dice sums up to a total of 6, Player A will then take the tiles on the side of Player B. Player A will only take the tiles after counting 6 from the 18-tile wall. Next, he will take Two Rows of stacked tiles followed by the other players until he has 14 tiles while the rest have 13 tiles. The 13th and 14th tile of Player A are taken as shown.


Heading #2: How to win in Mahjong ?

For most SG families, we normally require only 1 point (台) to win whereby we cap the maximum points at 5 points (台) , with the exception of 6 points (台) for special hands.

However , others may play at higher stakes such as a 2-6 game where 2 points (台) are required to game and the cap is at 6 points (台).

Special Rule:

People also play up till 13 points (台) where for every additional point (台) after the capped point (台), the payout is 5/10. This means that each opponent has to pay 5 extra chips for each extra point (台) when someone shoots or 10 extra chips when the person zi mo.

For e.g.

Scenario 1 : Player 1 shoots Player 2 who won with 8 point (台). In the case where the cap is 6 points, Player 1 has to play 15 x 2 chips + 60 chips to player 2.

Scenario 2 : Player 2 Zi Mo with 9 points (台). In the case where the cap is 6 points, the 3 other players will then pay the winner 10 x 3 chips + 42 chips.

Note: 1 chip will be taken as 1 SGD in this case where everybody's starting base is $300.


Heading #3: How Are Points (台) Calculated In Mahjong?

1 Point (台)

Seat Flower (正花/门花)

All Chows but with Animal or bonus tile (臭平和)

Pong of Dragons (箭刻)

Pong of Seat Wind (门风刻)

Pong of Round Wind (圈风刻)

Concealed Hand and self-drawn (门清)

Robbing the Kong (抢杠)

Winning with the Last Drawn Tile (海底捞月)

Winning with a Replacement tile for kongs (杠上开花)

Winning with a Replacement tile for bonus tiles (花上自摸)

Flower Set Bonus (花杠加台)

Animal Set Bonus (动物杠加台)

Any Animal Tile (动物加台)

2 Points (台)

All Pongs or All Pairs (碰碰和/对对和)

Mixed Suit (混一色)

Mixed Terminals and Honours (混幺九/混老头)

Little Four Winds/Little Four Blessings (小四喜)

3 Points (台)

Little Three Dragons/Little Three Scholars (小三元)

7 Different Pairs (七对子) [Dependent on House Rules]

Note: For (七对子), self-drawn is 5 points , otherwise it is 3 points and it is not a special hand

4 Points (台)

All Chows without any animal or bonus tiles (平和)

Pure Suit (清一色)

Maximum Points - 5 / 6 (台)

Heavenly Win (天和)

Earthly Win (地和)

Thirteen Orphans/Thirteen Wonders (十三幺)

Big Four Winds/Big Four Blessings (大四喜)

Big Three Dragons/Big Three Scholars (大三元)

All Honours (字一色)

Pure Green Suit Hand (绿一色) [Dependent on House Rules]

All Terminals (全幺九/清老头)

Four Concealed Pongs (self-drawn) (四暗刻/坎坎和)

All Kongs (杠杠和/十八罗汉)

Kong on Kong Win (杠上杠和)

Flower Win/Robbing the Flower (immediate) (七抢一)

Flower Win/Eight Immortals (immediate) (花和/八仙过海)

Nine Gates (九连宝灯)


Congratulations on Learning MAHJONG 🀄 with Us
Now Practice More and Hope you can be 西北 HUAT 💲

P.S. Now that you have learnt how to play Mahjong , remember to get your own Automatic or Manual Table and start inviting your friends over to play with you !



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