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As a Mahjong Addict , I love to equip myself for the upcoming battle . You can say that I am superstitious but I do strongly believe in LUCK being a huge factor in most of my Mahjong Games. In some people's argument , Mahjong is simply just a game of skills , albeit it is true to a certain extent. However , the ability to self-drawn the winning tile despite the table defending you is all luck-dependent eventually. Therefore , by being well-prepped , I am "establishing my dominance" & passion for the game. Hopefully in return , the Mahjong Gods will recognize my enthusiasm and let me go on a winning streak.

Now , let me take you through my beloved collection which helped me clear my opponents' chips...

No. 1 : Mahjong Ring

This ring is made up of golden beads treaded together which is stretchable to fit anybody's fingers. The two designs available are only ‘Green Dragon’ (蕟) and ‘Red Dragon’ (红中) tiles. These rings could easily attract lady luck to shine on you like

" bling bling ". If interested, you could easily get these rings at an affordable price.

No. 2 : Mahjong Phone Case

Want to showcase to others that you and your partner are a Mahjong Couple , get your hands on these custom-made Mahjong Phone cases before it is too late. These cases stretch to both Iphone & Andriod devices which can easily be found on Amazon at a discounted rate.

No. 3 : Mahjong Shirt

Just like how a shirt can empower a guy's charisma , a Mahjong shirt can also strengthen a guy's aura in a Mahjong Game. When you enter any house for a game with this shirt , you can easily stage a grand entrance and exert your dominance. Believe it or not , the tiles you wish to draw will easily come to you like water with this blessed armor upon you. As a bonus, also check out this apron that I personally find cute on house husbands & guys in general.

No. 4 : Mahjong Tote Bag

With the money earned from your single session of Mahjong , you should always store them in a place that could regenerate more money. Just like the stock market theory :

" money makes money grow ". This bag does wonders as it can help you to go on a winning streak in Mahjong if you place your wallet in it as it also has a nickname which is " Bag of prosperity ". HUAT AH 🧧 !

For Ladies especially , we also have crossbody bags that could be found here.

No. 5 : Mahjong Mask

In times of a pandemic , we must mask up to protect ourselves from the virus so that we are healthy enough to play more Mahjong sessions and win more money. Although it does not have much special powers , the mask can not only help others but also yourself from getting the virus. This can bring great karma for yourself if you stay responsible and play a part for the society.

No. 6 : Mahjong Kimono

Just like how men have their own Mahjong design for shirts , we should also have one for the ladies. This kimono looks lavish as it helps to highlight that Mahjong is a traditional game in comparison to how kimonos were also created a long time ago. Furthermore, this use of the color yellow makes one look sophisticated yet cute at the same time. In my conviction , I will get one of these personally as it is simply beautiful and eye-catching.


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