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How to choose your next Mahjong Table: Automatic Vs Traditional

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Curious to find out how the automatic mahjong table came about?

Here's a little history lesson: In the 1960s, Mahjong started gaining traction in terms of its popularity. Due to a surge in demand for Mahjong tables & tiles, many companies tried to differentiate themselves. One particular product that stood out in the market then was the first ever automatic Mahjong table produced by a Japanese sewing company. To this date, that product is still being sold and used widely by many households. If you are in a dilemma regarding which type of Mahjong Table to get, here are some pointers you can note when weighing its benefits and cons.


Pricewise, the Automatic table will be more expensive as it operates with wires and motherboards. Without a charging port nearby, this technology cannot function as it has a cable connecting the machine to the plug. Furthermore, a regular maintenance fee is required to ensure the automatic table does not become faulty. On the other hand, the traditional table is more durable and can be maintained easily. Based on the current market, you can get an automatic one for a few hundred dollars and the traditional one for less than a hundred.


Due to the addition of electrical components to the automatic table, the automatic table tends to be bulkier than the traditional one. As such, space constraints will be an area of concern for families with smaller houses.


In the recency, many companies have produced appealing automatic tables to attract their customers. Given that there is R & D done for automatic tables, many look way better than the traditional tables. Not to mention, some designs like the one below infuse the idea of dining and Mahjong together into one table. Ergo, there is no doubt that automatic tables look more stunning than traditional ones.


The great advantage automatic tables have over traditional ones is their ability to shuffle your mahjong tiles and prepare them by the next round. Such a feature is impressive as it will significantly reduce your game time. If time is a huge concern for you, I recommend getting the automatic table. Also, it helps to prevent cheating as well.


Photos are taken from Vismara Design.

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