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Online Mahjong Games

With a paradigm shift in technology, board games are now a thing of the past. These days, online games are the norm. By just pulling out a small device from our pockets, we can easily entertain ourselves with a few touches on a small screen. This is what the world has transitioned into. And thankfully, with the help of mobile phones, we will never run out of entertainment. Instead, we will have many other ways to kill time. And especially in the case of Mahjong enthusiasts, we get to satisfy our Mahjong cravings at any point and at any time. Without further ado, let us showcase some online Mahjong games that are currently available for download.

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1. Netflix Mahjong Solitaire

© Netflix Mahjong Solitaire

Unlike normal solitaire games, the objective of Mahjong solitaire is to match pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board. Some tiles will initially be hidden under other tiles. You have to attain information about the hidden tiles to remove the tiles more efficiently with fewer moves under a time limit. This can be done so via unlimited retries. You will only complete the game after clearing all 144 Mahjong tiles arranged in that special pattern.

2.Mahjong Soul [ Japan Riichi Mahjong ]

© Mahjong Soul

Mahjong Soul is a Japanese-style Mahjong game developed by Yostar Limited. With more than 100k downloads, the game is attractive due to its anime theme approach to the game. For people who like anime, you even get to dress up your own Mahjong characters with new apparel. Furthermore, a gacha system for collectibles is included in the game although you will have to pay for it. Signing up with your email is also necessary for a new player. Not to forget, there are also competitive tournaments available for the public. Other than that, the graphics are appealing and navigation around the app is pretty straightforward.

3.Mahjong 13 Tiles [ Hong Kong Mahjong ]

© Mahjong 13 Tiles

Mahjong 13 Tiles' system is based on Hong Kong Mahjong and it is developed by Poesy Soul. As the game was released in 2017, the game's graphics are not as advanced as most Mahjong games today. However, it is still widely popular today with over 100k downloads. Generally, the game is pretty easy to use with occasional bugs. But, it is constantly updated and the game still works well.

4.3P Mahjong Fury [ Fei (飛) Mahjong ]

© 3P Mahjong Fury

3P Mahjong Fury is a newer Mahjong game released in 2021 by Playtato. Unlike conventional Mahjong games, there are only 84 tiles used with 4 jokers (飛) included. This is because as mentioned in the game's name, there are only 3 players involved. To win, a player needs to win with a minimum of 5 fans. However, one thing that we dislike about the game is the introduction of a win boost. Win boost is a feature in the game that helps increase your chances of winning against others. In our opinion, the win boost makes the game unfair for those without additional help. As such, this feature is a downside as it compels people to cash for the game to win. Otherwise, the game does not bore you easily as it has many other challenges for you to play.


At times, not all your Mahjong Kakis will be free to play Mahjong with you. This is just part and parcel of life. Despite not being able to play on an actual Mahjong table, we believe these online games can provide an alternative to your desires. Furthermore, If you find yourself having a hard time winning your games online, do check out our other post on how to improve in Mahjong.

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