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How to calculate Mahjong Point/Tai(台) for Singapore Mahjong?

Credits: Jonathan Funes

Here is a compiled scoring system for quick reference during your game if you are still unclear about the point system for certain hands. This is a guide for those who already knew how the game works.


Round's Wind / Player's Wind (圈风刻/门风刻)

Animals / Own Flowers (门花)

Complete Animal set / Flowers set (动物杠加台/花杠加台)

Men Qing (门清)

Chou Ping Hu (臭平和)

All Pongs (碰碰和)

Half Color (混一色)

One Color (一色)

Ping Hu (平和)

Special Hands:

Little Three Scholar (小三元)

3 points

Big Three Scholar (大三元)

7 Different Pairs (七对子)

Small Four Blessings (小四喜)

Big Four Blessings (大四喜)

Half Terminals & Honors (混幺九/混老头)

All Terminals (全幺九/清老头)

All Honors (字一色)

Four Concealed Pongs (四暗刻/坎坎和)

All Kangs (十八罗汉)

13 Wonders (十三幺)

Special Circumstances:

Robbing the Kong (抢杠)

Winning with a Replacement tile for Kangs (杠上开花)

Winning with a Replacement tile for bonus tiles (花上自摸)

Heavenly Win (天和)

Earthly Win (地和)

Flower Win/Robbing the Flower (七抢一)

Flower Win/Eight Immortals (花和/八仙过海)

Nine Gates (九连宝灯)


Hope you find our compiled list useful. Do check out our other blog posts such as Types of Mahjong Players, Mahjong Sets for each genre and History behind Mahjong.

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