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How to calculate Mahjong Point/Tai(台) for Singapore Mahjong?

Credits: Jonathan Funes

Here is a compiled scoring system for quick reference during your game if you are still unclear about the point system for certain hands. This is a guide for those who already knew how the game works.


Round's Wind / Player's Wind (圈风刻/门风刻)

Animals / Own Flowers (门花)

Complete Animal set / Flowers set (动物杠加台/花杠加台)

Men Qing (门清)

Chou Ping Hu (臭平和)

All Pongs (碰碰和)

Half Color (混一色)

One Color (一色)

Ping Hu (平和)

Special Hands:

Little Three Scholar (小三元)

3 points

Big Three Scholar (大三元)

7 Different Pairs (七对子)

Small Four Blessings (小四喜)

Big Four Blessings (大四喜)

Half Terminals & Honors (混幺九/混老头)

All Terminals (全幺九/清老头)

All Honors (字一色)

Four Concealed Pongs (四暗刻/坎坎和)

All Kangs (十八罗汉)

13 Wonders (十三幺)