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In the recency, many Singaporeans have picked up Mahjong as their favorite pastime hobby. Especially when Covid-19 first hit Singapore, everyone was forced to lockdown at home. Without much freedom to roam about, we ought to entertain ourselves in one way or another. Surprisingly or not, we found ourselves to be picking up Mahjong as our favorite game for entertainment. Based on a straits times article, the headline reads that " more young people are picking up an 'Old man's game'. " Today, we can confidently say that the Mahjong frenzy is on an uprising trend. However, with an abundance of players, the question is how is it still possible that we are lacking players in this day and age?

Funny enough, this problem remains a problem for many Singaporeans. Do not worry as Official Mahjong SG will provide some solutions.

First Resort: Ask your friends' friends

This comes off as a no-brainer for anybody lacking players. But, if you have nobody else to call, just grab anybody available and willing to learn how to play Mahjong. It just takes a little patience so why not.

Second Resort: Ask your family members

Our second option may not necessarily be available for everybody as most families are pretty conservative. Many parents do not want their children to be addicted to gambling. As such, many young people play Mahjong behind their parents' backs. But if your family members know that you play Mahjong, and are open-minded, just hit them up for a game or so if they are available.

Third Resort: Ask any of our members

If the above two options do not work, feel free to ask any members on our website. Before that, you also have to join us as a member. Sign-up is free and you can also receive regular blog posts about Mahjong. Furthermore, you can also get to know others with similar interests and they can advise you on How to get better at Mahjong.

Last Resort: Join our Official Mahjong SG Telegram group

This is the final and best resort you can use if you have no other options. Simply click the telegram link above and join our public channel filled with passionate Mahjong players from all walks of life. If you are free and comfortable with playing with other strangers, why not?


Hope you manage to find your last kaki (player) in the nick of time!

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