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Are there Mahjong tables on cruises?

The answer is YES for certain cruises.

Which company's cruise has Mahjong tables?

Based on my understanding, Genting Dream cruise does have limited Mahjong tables available as seen above.

How do we book the Mahjong tables?

Booking of tables is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that there is no reservation available. The cost of booking a session is 25 SGD. One session lasts for two hours and it comes with complimentary tea and fruits. If you want to extend your session, you will have to tell the staff 30 minutes in advance.

What type of tables are available?

Both automatic and manual tables are available. However, only the automatic tables do not have Mahjong sets that come with animals and flowers. Otherwise, dice and chips are provided by the staff.

When can we book the Mahjong tables?

The Mahjong tables are only open from 1000 to 2359. Unfortunately, you cannot play Mahjong overnight.

Can we use our own Mahjong set instead?

I am pretty sure you are allowed to. But, what is with the hassle?



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