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Mahjong Addiction : WHEN TO STOP!

Does Mahjong cloud your mind occasionally & make your hands itch?

If that is the case, spot the red flags and know when to call it quits.

What is Mahjong Addiction?

Similar to other gambling addictions, Mahjong addiction is a psychological gambling disorder that causes you to gamble on impulse, even when you know the consequence is undesirable. Mahjong addiction can happen to anybody from all walks of life; what started as a casual game for entertainment can eventually manifest into an unhealthy obsession with terrifying consequences. For instance, you may be heavily in debt due to excessive borrowing from your friends and family. Once they come haunting for their money and you cannot return their money, your relationship will start to strain. Your social circle will begin to shrink, and you will soon realize you are all alone. With no financial or emotional support to help you, you will be depressed, leading to undesirable actions like committing suicide or theft.

To not end up as mentioned, STOP GAMBLING NOW.

Here are some 🚩 to look out for before it is too late:

1) You cannot resist the urge to play Mahjong

Have you ever turned down someone's offer to play Mahjong with you just because you do not feel like it? If your answer is no, you are at the earlier stages of being hooked onto Mahjong. Lucky you, you now know you have a problem related to Mahjong. Because this is only the 1st warning sign, no worries. You can still change your behavior easily. How so?

Solution: Just stop picking up your friend calls or ask them to not invite you to play Mahjong. But, if they still pester you to play, just block their contact temporarily and do something else to distract yourself.

2) Your thoughts are all about Mahjong

Do you regularly think of Mahjong even when you are working or sleeping? Considering how your mind is overwhelmed with Mahjong, there is no way you will focus on the more important stuff. This is a massive problem as it will affect your performance at work or even affect your sleep.

Solution: Keep your mahjong tiles and table out of sight and mind. As much as possible, fill your day with meaningful events such as spending family time.

3) Being secretive about gambling Mahjong

If you ever need to lie about your gambling sessions, you already know you are in deep trouble. This is because deep down in your heart, you know you are obsessed, yet you cannot stop the itch to play Mahjong. Furthermore, since you are not in the green when playing Mahjong, you feel the need to surprise others when you win big. In my opinion, such behavior eludes a lack of self-control for which you desperately need help.

Solution: Be open about your gambling addiction and tell your close ones to look after you. You may think you are alone in this fight, but sometimes all you need is someone to keep his eyes on you and care for you.

4) You still gamble in Mahjong despite being penniless

At this point, you are in the most critical stage of your addiction. If you continuously walk on this treacherous path, I can guarantee your life is over. When you do not believe you are unlucky all the time, you will try to win all your money in one sweep. However, 99.9% of the time, you are more likely to fall into a bottomless pit of debt. Eventually, your consciousness hazed by the thought of gambling will make you lose your grasp on reality.

Solution: Truth be told, it will be a painful journey for you to turn over a new leaf. To help yourself and your loved ones, please seek professional counseling guidance from government organizations. Help is readily available. What matters is your determination to change and not repeat the same mistake.


After all, " When there is a will, there is a way ", nobody in this world can stop you from gambling except yourself. If you choose to give up, no amount of persuasion can help you. Before it is too late, do what is right for you and you shall see the light at the end of the tunnel one day. For those who have just started playing Mahjong, I hope you play the game just for leisure and not to earn money. One piece of advice that sticks close to my heart is the idea of gambling within your budget. If you are not disciplined enough to do that, refrain from gambling as it will lead to dire consequences.

With that, stay safe and enjoy Mahjong.


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