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You know the phrase: you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. You can also do the same for people with their Mahjong sets. Different individuals have unique tastes and preferences. Because of that, many of them have different styles in terms of Mahjong sets. After all, you can never satisfy everybody's needs. Therefore, the only solution is to provide a plethora of options. In this particular blog, I will also like to share my opinions on the respective Mahjong sets mentioned. Furthermore, I will be rating each Mahjong set out of 5 stars based on personal preference. Oh, not to forget, do also vote for your favorite Mahjong set at the bottom.

Minimalistic: SIA Mahjong set

The SIA "2021" Exclusive Mahjong set edition is simple & straightforward. With the batik motif patterns on the back of the tiles, this design is meant to reflect the heritage and grace of the world-class Singapore Airlines. Drawing its inspiration from Singapore Airlines, the tiles also reflect elements related to Singapore's planes. For instance, the White board tile is represented by a piece of luggage, and the bamboo suit is inspired by runway lights. And of course, the Mahjong set itself contains lots of easter eggs. If you are interested, you can get it at the Kriss shop for $388 or with 48,500 Miles. Every customer is allowed to purchase only a limited quantity of 3. Don't worry if you are not a local in Singapore as it delivers to other countries too.

I'll rate SIA "2021" Exclusive Mahjong set edition 4.5 stars.

Traditional: Kai Yi Wong's "Myjong" Mahjong set

Photo from Kai Yi Wong

Next up, we have a Mahjong set purely handmade by Malaysian artist Kai Yi Wong from scratch. From our understanding, each tile is carefully carved and engraved by Kai Yi Wong himself. On closer inspection, we can tell that the tiles reflect the local elements related to the artist's surroundings. For example, the tiles have Lion heads and Lok Lok designs which are native to Malaysian Chinese. Whilst the designs are original, the artist has yet to mention which tiles belong to which suits. Hence, this Mahjong set is best kept for display. And, this set is exclusive for Malaysians only via pre-orders. Since it is also entirely made of wood, it brings a form of nostalgia back to the past.

Given its overall traditional outlook, I will rate it 3.4 stars.

Futuristic: Daniel Arsham x Fourtry Mahjong set

To be frank, the moment I saw this Exclusive Mahjong set by Arsham studio, I was mesmerized. My jaw dropped upon seeing such a cutting-edge masterpiece. What is interesting about this Piece de resistance is that it was a collaboration between American artist Daniel Arsham & the popular IQIYI streetwear show "Fourtry". Since this was such a beautiful piece produced by both the East and West, it gained a reputation for its dashing visuals. Not to mention, its design was even well received by the China citizens who hold high standards for their Mahjong game. As Daniel Arsham's " Fictional Archeology " idea was infused into this product, this Mahjong set looks more futuristic than ever. Sadly, it is only limited to 688 pieces and it costs around SGD 1500.

Without a doubt, this amazing work of art deserves 5 stars.

Fun: The Mahjong's Line Cheeky line Mahjong set

Photo from The Mahjong Line

This Mahjong set is unorthodox and unique. Straying away from the conventional design, these tiles have images of bubbles, kites, and knights. Designed by three women who started a Dallas-based company, they hand-painted each tile. The purpose is to fill them with clever witticisms and personalities. This Mahjong set is meant to be "fun" albeit it may be not as appealing to the majority. Although there was quite a lot of backlash regarding its design, I feel that we should still appreciate their efforts. With that, I will only give 2 stars but I hope it still appeals to some.

Clean: Maison Martin Margiela(MMM) Mahjong set

If you want a clean look for your Mahjong set, this is perfect for you. However, I can guarantee you it is not easy to clean as well. Given its pure white look, it can get dirty easily. Aside from its high maintenance, this set exudes elegance and class. To commemorate MMM's 3rd anniversary in Hong Kong at its "On Lan street" location, MMM gave away their limited edition Mahjong sets with selected purchases. This set itself costs around SGD 1800 and was released in their fall collection in 2009.

Although this set is kept mainly for display purposes, I will still give 4 stars for its angelic looks.

Luxurious: Hermès Helios Mahjong Set

Photo from Hermes SIngapore

Last but not least, how can we forget about the most expensive Mahjong set out there on the market? The whole set cost around SGD 58000. The justification for its price is that the case and tiles are made of solid rosewood combined with printed swift calfskin leather. This means that when you shuffle the tiles, the tiles will gently touch one another and not make loud noises like the plastic ones. To be fair, the Mahjong set incorporates the use of one of the finest materials. With the addition of its branding, it is no wonder the price is so exorbitant. Given its price tag, I will never play Mahjong with it. And if you ever managed to get your hands on one of these, do pat yourself on the back as you have succeeded in life. For this product, I will give it 4 stars.


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