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Top Mahjong House Decors

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

As Mahjong enthusiasts, how can we possibly not fill our house with Mahjong-themed items? Similar to how young girls collect K-POP albums to support their idols, Mahjong enthusiasts can also collect Mahjong items to express their love for Mahjong. Believe it or not, there is someone crazier about Mahjong than most of us here. In 2021, a super passionate Singaporean couple decorated one part of their house in light of the Mahjong theme. And it looks grandeur.

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To be very honest, this design is a piece de resistance. However, not many people are willing to go to such extremes with their homes. It is understandable. That is exactly why we like to recommend smaller house decors that are suitable for your palette. And here are some items hand-picked by us.

Item 1: Mahjong Night Lamps

With a 500mAh capacity, this Mahjong lamp can be used for 6 hours after charging for 2 hours. As seen from the picture, the Mahjong lamp is simply aesthetically pleasing. Given its simple design, it can be placed anywhere you find befitting in the house. At a low price of around $20, we highly recommend you get yours today.

Item 2: Mahjong Wall Stickers

As ridiculous as it sounds, these are stickers and not paintings. We kid you not. In our honest opinion, these large stickers look stunning. They can easily be attached to walls with the help of double-sided tapes as they are light. However, we suggest you buy your double-sided tapes from an external vendor to not tear the paint off your wall. With just a few bucks, you can easily find them and similar designs online.

Item 3: Mahjong Clock

Are your friends always late for your Mahjong sessions? Instead of rushing them over the phone, send them a picture of the time on this particular clock to chase them. Given its unique design and peculiar use, we will gladly pay $55 for it.

Item 4: Mahjong Calligraphy

Measuring up to 32x42cm in dimensions, this calligraphy painting looks classy & traditional at the same time. Given its small frame, it is a perfect gift for Mahjong lovers. In all honesty, it is a steal for just $15. At any angle, this painting just looks stunning.

Item 5: Mahjong Cartoon Carpet

Made up of polyester, the Mahjong carpet is water-resistant but not completely waterproof. Seeing how cute the carpet is, how can one simply not fall in love with it? For $45, it may be a bit exorbitant. But, if you like the design and do not mind spending a few more dollars, please go ahead by all means. Not to mention, there are also many other patterns available, so do check them out as well before you purchase.

Note: Pictures of All Items can be found on Lazada


Whilst the items in the pictures above look undoubtedly attractive, they may differ in real life due to lighting. As a friendly reminder, try not to get your hopes up as the quality of the items may not meet your expectations. Hence, only purchase after deliberate considerations on your part. Feel free to also check out on our post regarding Mahjong essentials. Otherwise, you can also consider some lucky charms to enhance your wealth and health, and most importantly your luck in Mahjong.

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