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Animal Mah-Jong : ALL ABOUT IT

As a Mahjong enthusiast who was scrolling through the web aimlessly, something piqued my interest. By coincidence or not, I found myself stumbling across an interesting product called Animal Mah-Jong. And for you readers, I believed you might be curious about this game too. In that case, continue scrolling to find out more information about the product.

Game rules: As illustrated above, Animal Mah-Jong is " The Traditional Chinese Game Reinvented ". This means that Animal Mah-Jong is an adaption to traditional Mahjong. And definitely, there is a twist to the game. Now, you can only Pong or Chow from the player right before you. To win, it is the same as normal Mahjong. But if you are new to the game, do check out How to play Mahjong first.

Illustration: Ryuto Miyake featured animals from the land, air, and sea all over Asia. For instance, animals like the tiger, panda, and rooster were illustrated.

Publisher: Laurence King Pub (US)

Material: Bamboo

Availability: Amazon / Book Kinokuniya

Price: Around SGD 55

Item dimensions (cm): 47 x 20.3 x 6.4

Note: All pictures taken from Laurence King Publishing (US)


Review: In my opinion, the game is more fitted for children due to the illustrations on the tiles. To my surprise, the tiles were not flimsy at all, which was a plus point. However, the tiles were simply too thin which makes them easily bendable. For its price, you definitely cannot expect the quality to be that of normal Mahjong set tiles. But, I still find the product a little too expensive. In general, the board game is easy to set up and it is an interesting variation of Mahjong. Thus, after evaluating my reasonings, I will only go as far as purchasing Animal Mah-Jong as a collectible item. Nonetheless, do support Animal Mah-Jong if you like it.


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